Correct Tankless Water Heater Sizing

Posted by on Feb 17, 2015 in Tankless Water Heater Repair Lincoln, Water Heater Repair Lincoln NE

Many individuals ask us at Water Heater Repair Lincoln NE exactly what size of tankless water heater they would require for their house. The following is some info that needs to assist respond to that concern.

An information that is commonly forgotten when sizing a tankless water heater is the size of the gas line.Water Heater Repair Lincoln NE

Everybody needs to realize that 3/4″ connections exist introducing the system. Sizing is not that easy!

A 3/4″ gas pipe will provide 273,000 BTUs per hour for a 10 foot run. If you have a 30 ft run you are down to 151,000 BTUs. Not nearly enough gas to run a traditional tankless system.

If you might provide that 30 foot run in 1″ pipe it will offer 284,000 BTUs. You can then minimize the pipe at the connection to the system. Issue addressed.

It is likewise similarly vital to think about the various other gas home appliances in the house. A stove, furnace, heater will likewise be thirsty for sufficient gas. If every little thing is being utilized and it is the coldest day of the year you will rather potentially have an issue. Not just will you be utilizing additional gas however so will your next-door neighbors.

The gas pressure might fall below exactly what is typical. Something needs to provide.

Let’s return now and take a look at that 30 foot run. If we kick the pipe size up providing the go to 1-1/4″ we will now have 583,000 BTUs offered. If pressure is minimized, no issue, we can compensate.

You can see how something that may never ever be talked about will have a lifetime effect on the capability of your gas home appliances to work.

There need to be no disadvantage in having the biggest pipe running the lengthiest distance. Aside from the preliminary expense Tankless Water Heater Repair Lincoln highly recommends this factor to consider. One last example:.

If you had a 200 foot run of 3/4″ pipe you will just provide 54,000 BTUs. That exact same run at 1″ would be 102,000 BTUs while 1-1/4″ will provide 209,000 BTUs.

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